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Stay Healthy AND Active!

Everyone knows that the beginning of the year is the time to make New Year’s resolutions…which usually means making a trip out to the local gym to shed the extra pounds you’ve accumulated over the holidays and finally deciding to get healthy and active this year.

Here at Discover Chiropractic, we know how you feel. So for the next few weeks, we’ve reached out to our local 24-Hour Fitness that’s next door to our Fremont office, and they are generously offering COMPLIMENTARY 7-Day Passes to encourage all our patients to stay healthy and active!

Exercise is such an important aspect to maintaining a healthy spine and to your overall health in general. When areas of your spine are out of place for too long, they end up pulling on the muscles that are attached to your bones, resulting in painful and weak muscles. As we correct these subluxations over time, exercise is a great way to help strengthen and rehabilitate the muscles. We recommend that all of our wellness patients develop a regular exercise regime which complements their Chiropractic care.

Stop by the front desk today and sign up for your FREE 7-Day Gym Pass and take that first step towards keeping that New Year’s Resolution to get active this year. We’ve got your back!

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