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Reviews for Discover Chiropractic

Find out why our patients are raving about their care with Discover Chiropractic.

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- Dr. Hans Freericks


Can’t Wait to Come Back!

“Dr. Chu was great, she took a special interest with my areas of pain. I can’t wait for my next visit.”

- Renee S.

Looking Forward To Our Future Visits!

Dr. Chu made my husband and I feel very comfortable and welcome. She also made us feel heard in regard to our medical concerns and needs, which is extremely important to us. I am looking forward to our future visits!

- Christina D.

Great Atmosphere

Everyone in the office was very pleasant, great atmosphere.”
- Jodi S.

“Highly Recommend!”

“Very thorough and professional. I would highly recommend the practice. All questions and concerns were addressed. They allow ample time with patients and never rush you. Follow up care and education classes are offered which is an excellent means of extending care post visit.”

- Ishita G.

“Better With Every Visit”

“I get better with every visit! I first came into Discover Chiropractic from someone who was a patient because I didn’t believe in chiropractic. I thought they did more damage than good—well after the first week I started to feel better and am now back to better than I was before I screwed up my back… and I get better each time I come in. I am looking forward to the day Dr. Hans tells me I’m as good as new.”

- Pete Willis

Back To Working Out

“I have been a patient of Dr. Hans’ over the last 3 years. He has helped me gain mobility back in my neck and most recently my hip. At the very start of the new year I found myself unable to get out of bed and do the most mundane things in my day to day life.

After just a few weeks, Dr. Hans’s staff had me up and back to being able to do my day to day life. He even got me back to the gym which has enabled me to continue on in my quest to become a healthier and happier patient.

I am grateful to his helpful and friendly staff for making me feel like family.”

- Sarah Bennett

“My Treatment Plan Is A Pleasure”

“Upon my first visit the doctor explained my problem in layman’s terms and how they would try to rectify the problem.

Since then I believe that I have improved and hopefully will continue. The courteousness and professionalism shown by the front desk and the rest of the staff make my treatment plan a pleasure.”

- Wayne Davis

“Thank you Dr. Hans!”

“I already had two previous great chiropractors so I knew chiropractic treatment was excellent. (Each of us moved to different areas so I could no longer use them.) I went without chiropractic care for several years until I got a frozen left shoulder. The pain was intense but since I had previously had a frozen right shoulder, I knew that chiropractic care would help me without the need for surgery.

I found Dr. Hans Freericks and he restored my shoulder to complete range of motion and health. Now I have been a patient with Dr. Hans for quite a while. He has continued to help me throughout the years with preventive care, as well as acute care when I have suffered other injuries to my back or arm.

I am a grandmother with the two youngest being 4 and 5 years old. This requires a lot of physicality and I have been able to enjoy them because I have been physically able to, due to my great chiropractic care with Dr. Hans.

Thank you, Dr. Hans and staff at Discover Chiropractic!”

- Maria Elena Byron

Building Cabinets = A Huge Accomplishment

“I recently completed re-building the cabinets for my media toys. This probably doesn’t sound like a particularly big accomplishment but it is for someone who a year and a half ago was in constant pain and had difficultly getting out of bed or lifting a carton of milk.

I can again do the activities that I enjoy and my pain is much less. I owe this great improvement in my life to the chiropractic adjustments and exercise program that I receive at Discover Chiropractic. I give my sincere thanks to Doctors Freericks. Also thanks to Jeanie, Cathleen, Chelsie, and Amber at the front desk for always making me smile.”

- Roy Chitwood

“Dr. Hans Pinpointed The Source Of The Pain

“I have severe degeneration in my spine and this summer as I was walking at Fremont’s Art & Wine Festival the pain was so severe that I had to sit every half block to stop the pain in my hips. Both my primary doctor and my orthopedic surgeon assured me that the pain was from my back. Pain pills were the only relief.

I came across Dr. Hans’ booth and with a quick check he pinpointed the source of the pain and thought he could help. Help he did! Now I get up without stiffness and pain. The friendliness and cheerfulness of the staff is a bonus. I look forward to each treatment.”

- Joan M. Caldwell

“I Love The Fact That I Can Enjoy My Children”

“Before I started chiropractic care my condition was pretty bad. I had pain in my lower back down my right leg. Every time I went to the doctor he would just tell me, “It’s okay, just a mechanical muscle strain” and gave me Motrin 800mg. He would also tell me to rest. Then I hurt my back at work, so they sent me to get an MRI. When the results came back, I found my L1 to L5 were bad, and that had a very bad disc, so I needed to have surgery. They said that they were going to put two rods and six pins in my back, and I could no longer work at my job, so suggested that I get retrained in another. I told them no, let me try other ways first. So I tried cortisone shots, steroids, and lots of other medications. They all helped for a short time, but nothing-long term.

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So one day while I was at a fair, I saw a booth where Dr. Hans was giving out special offer on exams. So I decided to give it a try. When I went there, I thought to myself, this guy can’t help me. I’VE ALREADY SEEN A CHIROPRACTOR and he couldn’t help, but I let Dr. Hans examine me and he told me how he can help. So I let him try. I went to his office every day for 3 weeks straight. Because his adjustments were making me feel better, I was able to do more with my kids. I felt so good, I started playing ball with my son and daughter, and I became an umpire for my daughter’s softball league. I have been seeing Dr. Hans for about a year now and I can do things I thought I would never do again. My kids love the fact that daddy is feeling better now, and I LOVE THE FACT THAT I CAN ENJOY MY CHILDREN. All I can say is if it wasn’t for Dr. Hans, I probably wouldn’t be able to play with my kids at all.”

- Gregg Burhyte

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