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Pediatric Chiropractic at Castro Valley Chiropractic

Child laughingChiropractic care for children is a lifestyle—it’s a way of allowing young bodies to grow into healthy adults, with the potential for fewer health issues and greater possibilities for their developing bodies. Misalignments in the spine can cause interference in the nervous system, and a fully functioning nervous system is important for all the systems of their growing bodies to work as they should.

At Castro Valley Chiropractic, our team is passionate about helping kiddos from newborns through teens feel, function and develop optimally!

How Chiropractic Helps Kids

Since little ones don’t typically feel things like back pain or neck pain the way adults do, you might not think about getting chiropractic care for them. But misalignments in the spine can still occur, leading to symptoms like digestive issues, sleep problems and getting sick frequently, which chiropractic care may help with. With newborns, chiropractic can also help with things like colic, torticollis and latching issues, and with older kids, it may help calm the nervous system and improve ADHD symptoms.

Our Approach

We start with a consultation to discuss any health issues or other concerns. Then Dr. Lupe will offer very gentle adjustments customized to your child’s needs. She takes her time to build rapport with kids to make the process fun and ease any fears they may have about a new experience. She’ll play with them, gently feel their spine for misalignments and make the adjustments a fun experience.

Dr. Lupe will have you pay attention to anything that stands out, such as issues with sleep, digestion or irritability and keep track of improvements after your child’s adjustments.

We typically do not X-ray anyone under the age of 18 unless they are having severe pain, have been in an accident or show signs of scoliosis. In these instances, we will talk with you about X-rays before proceeding.

Help Your Child Flourish—Book Today

We’d love to help your child get off to the best start possible in life! Contact us today to book their first appointment.

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