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Stay active during the shelter in place can help keep you healthy!

father and daughter cookingAt home and bored? We put a little  something together for you to help keep you active so that your body can stay healthy and deal with anything in its way.

First here are some quick tips to give yourself the foundation you need during this chaotic time.

  • Restful sleep: Sleep is essential to your health (7-8 hours/night)
  • Staying hydrated: Easiest way to know how much water you drink is take your weight and change that # into ounces. (example: 160 lbs = 160 oz water)
  • Eating healthy: Your gut health is very important to your immune system function.


  • Getting in and out of a chair  (Mimics a squat)
  • Walking up and down the stairs or around the house (targets your lower back muscles and cardio)
  • Getting up and down from the floor (Full body exercise)
  • Planks/Lungs (Core/lower body)
  • Push-ups/Pull-ups (upper body)

Its easy to stay stuck in the couch or lay in bed due to the mandate of shelter in place. Make sure you get some movement every day. Your body loves motion. Feel free to ask questions of your Discover Chiropractic Castro Valley Team!

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