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My Discovering Chiropractic Experience

Our daughter is a 4 year old child born with severe cerebral palsy.

She cannot walk, sit alone (without support) or speak thus her communication is limited.

Her medical diagnosis is quadriplegic. She can however use and control to some extent her right arm and hand yet has had minimal to no use of her left arm and hand. She required the use of a thumb splint to keep her left hand open but would manage to take the splint off and keep her left hand in a tight fist, which had caused a deformity of her left hand.

We have taken our daughter to several medical doctors who all concur that her condition will not get any better due to the severity of the cerebral palsy. For the past 3 years, our daughter has been attending special schools to help educate her along with seeing several physical and speech therapists. Only a slight improvement was noticed such as sitting for short periods of time but her overall improvement was very minimal.

My husband is a construction worker and due to all his hard work has developed a bad back with constant pain. He was referred to Dr. Fisher at Discover Chiropractic by a coworker who had gotten total relief for his constant back pain. As my husband continued his chiropractic care, he noticed how much better he felt with his back pain going away. Dr. Fisher suggested to my husband about taking our daughter in for chiropractic care. I was hesitant at first because I was unfamiliar with this type of nerve stimulation and I had never heard of children needing chiropractic care. Yet, it wasn’t major surgery, it was only a gentle chiropractic adjustment, so I agreed to have our daughter get care.

Dr. Fisher was very helpful in explaining how the spine with the nervous system and how a few adjustments can make a difference. Our daughter who usually cries with strangers, took an immediate liking to Dr. Fisher. He then adjusted her which she enjoyed. I was very surprised yet that was the first of my surprises. When we got home after her first adjustment, I handed our daughter a toy which as usual, I placed it near her right hand yet to my surprise she reached over and grabbed the toy with her left hand.

Tears of joy and amazement streamed down my face. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

For the first time in 4 years, our daughter made an effort to open and use her left hand after only 1 adjustment. Now with continued chiropractic care, we see her blossoming.

Our daughter is now able to sit alone for longer lengths of time. Her sense of balance in her upper body has improved. She has a wider variety of toys to play with now that she has the use of both hands and the best blessing of all is that her speech has developed.

Throughout our beautiful daughter’s life, our family have heard only words of discouragement. For the first time, we see different, there is light, there is hope our prayers have been heard. We can only hope that other adults or children suffering with similar physical or mental health problems will seek chiropractic care at Discover Chiropractic, it has made a life changing difference for our family.


Ralph, Rosie & Rebecca

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