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Is Self Adjusting or "Cracking My Back" Bad?

Back painThis is a typical question that gets asked in our offices. The simple answer is YES. The reason why is it does not target the specific misalignment/subluxation within the spine but instead provides short term relief around the affected areas. Self adjusting can cause joints to become hypermobile which means a bone that moves too much which causes ligaments to become lax which results in the structure of the spine becoming unstable. This can cause early onset of degeneration that can lead to arthritis.

Here at Castro Valley Chiropractic in Castro Valley we specialize in detecting what is misaligned and providing adjustments to get motion restored back into the joints. This helps to restore proper motion and provide lasting pain relief.

Ask our Castro Valley Chiropractors at Castro Valley Chiropractic if you have any more questions about self care. We are here to help.

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