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How to support your kids during the COVID-19 shelter in place

FamilyAs schools continue to close and workplaces go remote to prevent the spread of the new corona virus, parents everywhere are struggling to keep children healthy and occupied. If you’re anxious about how to protect and nurture kids through this crisis while juggling work obligations, look no further. Here are some tips to help calm fear, manage stress and keep the peace.

  • Keep routines in place (Schedule to keep kids focused and developing)
  • Be creative with new activities and exercise (Movement in kids is essential for a healthy child)
  • Manage your own anxiety (reduce stress)
  • Stay in touch virtually
  • Eating healthy meals
  • Keep it positive
  • Keep kids in the loop and keep it simple (reduces stress on entire family)
  • Check in with the little ones (you might find they are doing better than you realize)

Sometimes kids have a hard time showing that they are stressed or feel frightened. During this challenging time, a good mental health is critical for a healthy child. Make sure to check on your kids and as well as yourself for a safe and healthy environment. If you have any questions feel free leave a comment below or talk to one of our doctors at Discover Chiropractic in Castro Valley.

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