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How are the Super Bowl and Chiropractic related?

Do you ever wonder how the athletes in the Superbowl perform at such an elite level? These athletes push their bodies to the limit and they need to be game ready every single time. When there are such high stakes, the athletes, agents, athletic trainers, and medical doctors do everything they can to keep the athlete fit. The NFL has moved on from the outdated model of “no pain, no gain” and has focused on treatment of the cause of pain. This philosophy directly lines up with the chiropractic’s perspective.

All 32 teams of the NFL has a team chiropractor helping manage players. There is constant trauma to the player during a game, the pads are almost there for show. It is critical for the sports chiropractor to be able to assess correctly and quickly the dysfunction. Adjustments and rehabilitative treatments can give even the slightest edge for the player. Who knows, maybe that extra range of motion of the spine may give a player that last yard to get the winning touchdown.

Now, you don’t need to be a pro athlete to benefit from chiropractic care. Your body is still made up of the same bones, muscles, and nerves Identifying and correcting any dysfunction in the system will allow the nervous system to work at it’s optimal level.

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