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Discover Chiropractic Patient Spotlight

Discover Chiropractic Patient Spotlight

Chiropractic can help a variety of conditions that help more than just back pain, migraines are one of them. A patient walked through the doors of Discover Chiropractic desperately wanting help. This particular patient had been taking daily migraine medication for the past 10 years. When tax season rolled around for this accountant, she experienced constant headaches and pain that left her miserable, even with the medication!

After a thorough exam, a treatment was recommended for the patient. Within a three weeks, the patient had no migraines to report and within two months, the patient has stopped taking her medication completely! A medication she had been taking for 10 years!!! The true test came just a few months later when her busy tax season started. Although there were extra hours and stress, still no migraines!

Although the patient’s migraines and headaches were being managed before with medication, she is now able to manage her pain effectively and without using pharmaceuticals. I think that’s a much better way of living, what do you think?

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