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Cracking Knuckles

A man holding out his knucklesWhat’s The Deal With Cracking Knuckles? Ah yes the age old question. I thought that cracking your knuckles was bad for you? At least that is what my mother always said. And isn’t that popping sound that occurs during a chiropractic adjustment the same thing?

First off what is that sound? Synovial fluid in your joints contains oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide gas. When the joint capsule is stretched quickly the gasses escape making the popping sound.

Try this: Crack your knuckles. Then immediately try again. No popping sound the second time. Now wait 20-30 minutes and try again. More popping.  It takes awhile for the gas to build back up.

Cool Story! Dr. Donald Unger spent 60 years cracking the knuckles of his left hand but never his right. He reported no arthritis or other problems in either hand. He earned the Nobel Prize in Medicine for this in 2009. So there you have it, that popping sound is not bad for your joints.

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