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Cancer ribbonCancer: Stats & How To Decrease Your Risk.

In this blog let’s take a look at cancer and how to decrease the risk.

Bleak Predictions: 11.7 million people (1 in 26) are currently diagnosed with cancer.  By 2020 the number will increase to 18.2 million (1 in 19), a whopping 56% increase!  The US may face a shortage of 4,000 cancer specialists!    Journal of Oncology Practice

Studies: Poor diet, lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle are responsible for 65% of cancer deaths!  The American Cancer Society says… Cancer is less prevalent in active people, as exercise decreases depression and increases oxygen to the tissues.    Harvard Medical School

Decrease Your Cancer Risk:    American Cancer Society

1. max BMI of 25, limit adult weight gain to 11 lbs (Have daily moderate/weekly vigorous activity)

2. 5 or more servings of fruits and veggies daily

3. 7 or more portions of complex carbs daily

4. decrease processed foods and refined sugars

5. limit alcoholic drinks: 1-women, 2-men daily

6. limit red meat to no more than 3 oz daily

7. decrease fatty foods, particularly animal fats

8. limit intake of salted foods and use in cooking

9. eliminate tobacco use

10. practice sun safety/recognize skin changes

Remember the Five Pillars of health: proper nutrition, enough exercise, good sleep, positive mental attitude, and a healthy nervous system (chiropractic adjustments!)


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