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Avoid Your Next Fall

As we all get older, there is a higher likelihood that we will experience a fall. Each year, approximately one-third of adults aged 65 or older experience a fall. Those falls make up 66% of all unintentional injury deaths. According to a study published in 2005, the direct medical costs of all falls was estimated to be $6-8 billion per year!

A few preventative measures can be used to decrease the risk of falling and avoiding serious injuries.

Find a good balance and exercise program

– Building balance, strength and flexibility will give you more confidence and make you more capable!
Couple Jogging

Talk to your health care provider

– Ask for an assessment of your risk of falling and what you can do to improve it.

Regularly review your medication with your doctor or pharmacist

– Side effects of medication can include dizziness and balance issues.

Get your vision and hearing annually checked

– Your eyes and ears are crucial for keeping you on your feet.

Keep your home safe

– Make stairs safe by adding grab bars if needed. Remove rugs and do not wear socks inside the house

Visit your Chiropractor

– Your Chiropractor can help you improve your balance, mobility, and gait.  They can help you feel better and improve your function.  Get checked today!


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