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Meet Dr. Sullivan Truong

Dr. Sullivan by plantDr. Sullivan Truong DC is a Bay Area native from San Jose. After graduating from the University of California Riverside with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, he earned his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West. His passion for Chiropractic started as a senior at UC Riverside when he went to go see a chiropractor for allergies that would not go away.

I tried everything the medical doctors suggested and nothing helped. Then after receiving my first chiropractic adjustment, I noticed I was instantly able to breath deeper. Not only that, my whole body felt and functioned better! All of this with no medications, needles or surgery; it was awesome.

Inside and Our at Discover Chiropractic

Dr. Sullivan has been bringing his positive energy and love for natural healing to our patients at Discover Chiropractic since 2019. He wants to help people regain their health through chiropractic as much as it did for him. In his spare time, Dr. Sullivan likes to go on outdoor excursions, play competitive video games, and spend time with his family.

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