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Dr. Irene Alejandro

Dr. Irene Alejandro

As a Bay Area, California native, Dr. Irene earned her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from Sonoma State University. Through her previous work as a physical therapist, she saw there was more she wanted to offer to her patients and to explore deeper into the potential of the human body to heal from within. As a result, she chose to pursue a career as a Chiropractor. She attended Life Chiropractic College West, where she earned her Doctorate degree in Chiropractic. She is currently pursuing additional education and certification through the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association (ICPA) to best serve the needs of the pregnancy and pediatric population in her community.

Along with pediatrics and family care, Dr. Irene specializes in low force and extremity adjustments. When she is not in the office taking care of spines and tuning up the nervous system, Dr. Irene enjoys spending time with her family and friends, performing with her Polynesian dance community, and can be seen throughout her neighborhood with her dogs!

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